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The enemy you don't see is as deadly as the one you do

At long last, Gatekeeper Jora Lanseri has what she needs to unite Serocia’s enemies under a long-awaited peace treaty and end the hundred-year war. But she has opposition. She must battle her nemesis Ibsa Bervoets, who seeks to sieze power from Jora and the queen. When the diplomats sent to negotiate the peace fall suddenly silent, Jora is sent to learn what happened to them. On the Isle of Shess, beneath the shadow of the Tree of the Fallen God, she comes face-to-face with a powerful new foe whose only purpose for existence is her destruction.

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The continuing tale of Jora Lanseri, whose ongoing battle of magic and wits against her nemesis leads to consequences neither of them could possibly have imagined.

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Here's what people are saying about Verse of the Vanguard.

Manie, Amazon US Reader

"Another suspenseful delivery of heroes and villains in a unique tapestry woven of epic deeds in a strange land rift by Gods, creatures and magical beings. Riveting."

Wayne, Amazon US Reader

"This third book in the series is the best of the three to me. The characters are totally solid now and fully developed. The action is pulse-pounding especially towards the latter half of the book. I can't wait to read what's next!"

Effie, Amazon US Reader

"K C May is a very gifted story teller. In this series she had created a very interesting world with a very down to earth main character and some incredible supporting cast. The story flows fast and as a reader I found myself sharing their emotions and adventure with pleasure."

Hannah, Amazon UK Reader

"The story continues with its nailbiting pace, and as the characters develop and grow in their own strength, it is really nice to see the introduction of new characters, without whom the protagonist cannot succeed. It's also nice to be following a female protagonist who is learning as she goes."

K, Amazon UK Reader

"This series is so original. The magic coming in tones and being the songs of Dolphins is wonderfully unusual and very well done. A strongly recommended read!"

Suze, Amazon UK Reader

"Another fab book in the series - read the first 3 so quickly am holding off on the 4th book as I will be so disappointed when the series is over!"

Barnes & Noble Reader

"As like the last 2 books KC doesn’t fail to intrigue me to keep reading! I sometimes become so enthralled into the book I forget where I am and what is going on around me! If you want a book to immerse yourself into a fantasy world pick up Song of the Sea Spirit and all of the books in the Mindstream Chronicles!"

Kobo Reader

"I've been enjoying this series. It's a style that catches my attention and keeps it to the end."

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