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Vast power commands a vicious price

Having unleashed the darkness inside her, Gatekeeper Jora Lanseri has chased the enemy from Serocia’s shores. Now at the height of her power, she faces a new challenge—to rescue the abducted king and retrieve the stolen godheart before the war ship carrying them reaches harbor.

The rogue scribe Ibsa has escaped Jora’s wrath aboard the fleeing ship and seeks to earn the prestigious title of Prime Maga. But she has what Jora wants. The only way to protect herself is to convince the god—by whatever means necessary—to slay the Gatekeeper. To her great fortune, among the ship’s cargo is the god's crystal heart.

Can Jora rescue the king and save the god from unspeakable torment before the darkness inside consumes the last vestiges of her humanity?

Map of Serocia

Map of Mangend

The stakes continue to grow for Jora and the people of Serocia. Come with her on her journey of personal redemption and sacrifice as she fights for justice the only way she knows how.

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Here's what people are saying about Dirge of the Dormant.

Amazon US Reader

"This story is well developed and progresses to the next book well. The pacing is good, and I like all of the twists and turns."

Dixie, Amazon US Reader

"Somewhere along the storyline I became ensorceled (captivated) by this book and the ongoing personal growth of the characters. The first 3 were good, the next two kept me captivated one more to go . . . I have to see how this saga ends!"

Amazon US Reader

"This series keeps getting better and better.I can hardly wait for the next book to be released.I usually have at least 10 books qued up on my kindle and I read them in the order I bought them,but with KC's books I read them right away!"

Laraine, Amazon UK Reader

"The fifth book in the series was brilliant. Turns and twists in every direction. I so enjoyed reading it as I did the others in The Mindstream Chronicles. KC May writes really unusual and fascinating stuff. I've read most of her books and she just gets better and better."

Phyllida, Amazon UK Reader

"Thought all the series was superb and kept me enthralled throughout."

Triumph, Amazon UK Reader

"Fabulous books that get increasingly darker as you near the end of book 5. Well worth reading"

Barns & Noble Reader

"This series just keeps getting better and better. I'm going to be sorry to read the last book of this series. I love this exciting and flawed world that the author has created and the characters that are trying so hard to make it a better place."

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