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Book 2 of The Kinshield Saga

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Two powerful enemies and one reluctant hero

Beyonders, evil beings that materialize without warning from the realm of chaos, continue to invade the world of men, destroying everything—and everyone—in their path. The most powerful of them all, Ritol, has been confined for two hundred years inside the palace in Thendylath, trapped by King Arek’s magic.

Having newly claimed the right to rule Thendylath as king, Gavin Kinshield has no money or army, but he’s determined to protect his people from the beyonder attacks. With his new power of Wayfarer, Gavin has the ability to journey to all seven realms. To end the invasion, he must travel to the realm of chaos and summon Ritol. But can he escape before the beyonder champion kills him, devours his soul and takes his place as Wayfarer?

If wizard Brodas Ravenkind has his way, Gavin will never make it that far. Not only does Ravenkind want the throne for himself, he wants revenge for his cousin’s murder too. After all, he made a promise the first time Gavin crossed him...

Map of Thendylath

If you like fierce action, flawed & unforgettable heroes, and fast-paced, gritty epic fantasy, you’ll love KC May’s exciting mix of swords, sorcery, adventure, and mystery.

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Here's what people are saying about The Wayfarer King.

Carol Davis Luce, author of Night Passage

"...a riveting fantasy adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat."


"The Wayfarer King is a moving story with an exceptional cast, an excellent piece of fantasy fiction and a rewarding finale to the series."

darkiss reads

"At times we are left heartbroken, while at others we are thrilled with scenes of exciting adventure. Balancing these out is a love story which puts you at times on the edge of your seat. The pacing and flow of the book is faultless, while the worlds described leap out of the pages and grow in detail within your mind."

B&N reader

"This is a book for people who need to put the 9-5 behind them for awhile. Perfect story to lose yourself in."

B&N reader

"This was a great series that I couldn't put down. As I finished the first book which I got free through Book Bub, I bought the next one and then the next two books. I usually don't like the first book enough to spend money on the whole series. This series was a big surprise to me."

B&N reader

"The whole series is an exceptional read. If I'm disappointed it's that I would like more. There are so few that excel in my favorite genre like K.C. May does with "The Wayfarer King" (the whole series). It will keep you up at night flipping pages."

Ray Nicholson

"K.C. May has, with this book, matured into a writer of note; a writer to be reckoned with, in the fantasy/adventure genre. A really good first book...a great second book. "

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