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Well of the Damned >

Book 3 of The Kinshield Saga

Well of the Damned book cover

An age-old mystery is revealed

Gavin Kinshield faces new challenges, including a magical deluge of unending rain and an age-old mystery whose time has come to be revealed.

A former member of an elite battlers guild, Cirang Deathsblade has a dark past. She sits in gaol, awaiting the new king’s sentence for her terrible crimes... but she’s not who he thinks she is.

In exchange for leniency, Cirang leads Gavin to a centuries-old, hidden journal that holds the secrets of ancient kings and a magical wellspring with its own dark past... and an even more terrible future.

Map of Thendylath

If you like fierce action, flawed & unforgettable heroes, and fast-paced, gritty epic fantasy, you’ll love KC May’s exciting mix of swords, sorcery, adventure, and mystery.

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Here's what people are saying about Well of the Damned.

Indie Book Blog

"...an extremely strong continuation to an already fantastic series."

Traci, Google Play Customer


Bookblogger, B&N Customer

"Overall this is an extremely strong continuation to an already fantastic series. The plot twists keep things interesting and while there are some problems that get resolved more pop up and make it so that the next book in the series can't come soon enough."

Lady Lightning, Amazon US Customer

"A real page turner."

Debra, Amazon US Customer

"This book was riveting and kept my attention to the end."

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