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What price is too high to save someone you love?

A mysterious illness strikes down a young woman pledged to the god of the Blessed Empire. Two brothers, as helpless as the healers who say there's nothing more they can do, watch while their sister fades away.

Determined to save her, they approach a dragonborn alchemist who promises help but leads them along a path of hardship, darkness, sacrilege, and death. Impossible choices divide the brothers as their love and loyalty are tested. What price is too high to save someone you love?

Map of The Blessed Empire

If you enjoy stories of complex characters who test the limits of their bonds, you won't want to miss this exciting collaboration! Be sure to visit India Drummond's website too!

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Here's what people are saying about The Lies Dragons Tell.

RW, Amazon US Reader

"All I can say is "Wow!!!" ...once I started reading I couldn't put it down. The story begins at a nice pace and it just keeps moving from there. I loved the fresh take on dragons and the Dragonborn, the Dragon Lords, as well as, their names!"

Janet, Amazon US Reader

"This is a wonderful story, I can't wait to start book 2 even though I am already dreading the wait for the last book of the series. I LOvE India Drummond but I am new to K C May...this was a beautiful intro to a new author...I will soon go after all the KC May books I can find...I can't wait to learn of everyone's new lives in this series"

Alia, Amazon US Reader

"I loved this book!! Teaming up can sometimes be magical or disastrous, and I am happy to say K.C. and India's teamwork proved magical!! I look forward to the next installment of The Lies Dragon's Tell and say a heart felt Bravo to you both!!"

An Amazon UK Reader

"Found this book really good and absorbing story highly recommend this book"

Marsha, Amazon UK Reader

"An intriguing start to what's sure to be a great series. I was immediately pulled into the fascinating world on the novel. Well-plotted with some fabulous twists I certainly didn't see coming, the book had me hooked. I loved the varied nature of the characters, too - and how they changed and grew as they struggled to overcome obstacles. I'll certainly be picking up the next in the series!"

Terry, Amazon UK Reader

"Wonderful book. Best I've read for some time now. A complete story but obviously open for further books."

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The Lies Dragons Tell is available in print and ebook formats.