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What price is too high to save someone you love?

utcast from the temple, brothers Caden and Deshic journey with their family to the Plains of Fire to seek absolution for their crimes. There they endure cruel punishments under the unrelenting eye of the woman who rules over every soul at the temple compound.

When the faithful's true plans for their sister, Rane, come to light, she and Caden flee to dragon territory in search of help. They must act before time runs out to save Deshic and their parents from unthinkable horrors. But the elder dragon lord has troubles of his own that could unbalance the races and spell the end to a peace accord that has lasted for centuries.

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If you enjoy stories of complex characters who test the limits of their bonds, you won't want to miss this exciting collaboration! Be sure to visit India Drummond's website too!

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Here's what people are saying about The Secrets Dragons Keep.

NonniDeb, Amazon US Reader

"It had me on the edge of my seat. Great book, Fantastic Series! "

Amazon US Reader

"I really like the way this book starts exactly where book one ended. The flow is excellent. This book is exciting, never a dull moment. The characters come alive for you, I recommend it to everyone!"

Sandra, Amazon US Reader

FANTASTIC!!!! The Secrets Dragons Keep was a wonderful read. The characters were well developed. and the story line was intriguing as well as exciting. I most definitely recommend this book. I could hardly bear to put it down.

Marise, Amazon US Reader

The story is stay-up-late-read-as-long-as-possible, with characters so real you can love and hate them and miss them like friends who have gone away when the book is finished. Very well written.

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