KC May

author of fantasy & science fiction

Aria of the Awakened

Aria of the Awakened book cover

Sometimes, betrayal is the only option

When Gatekeeper Jora Lanseri learns the princess has been convicted by a vengeful enemy of terrible crimes, she must free the delegates trapped in gold statues on the Isle of Shess to trade for the captured princess. Now, with the enemy warships on her heels, Jora must protect the king while negotiating the princess's freedom... and keep the monster inside her from destroying them all.

Map of Serocia

Map of Mangend

This is the exciting conclusion of The Mindstream Chronicles you don't want to miss!

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Here's what people are saying about Aria of the Awakened.

Laraine, Amazon UK customer

"This author has an imagination unrivalled in any other author I’ve read apart from perhaps Ian Irvine. Unusual characters, great plot which gets very complicated so you need to be on your toes to understand and follow, which is a refreshing change."

Andy B, Amazon UK customer

"The series has been great to read, sometimes a little convoluted but well worth the read, I enjoyed the characters, Jora especially was very well written, highly recommended "

Amazon UK customer

"I loved it. Even through the last book in the series the characters were still growing and developing. No stagnation, constant movement and pace, but without sacrificing complexity. A fairly unique series and a brilliant close to it."

Maggie, Amazon US customer

"K. C. MAY is an extremely creative and talented author who keeps me reading to see what happens next. Who else would have thought to use a dolphin as a vehicle for magic through musical tones. And Jora: what a heroine! She has evolved through the series from a humble young woman to a "force to be reconded with." I am eager to read future stories about her and her continued evolution. I can't wait!! I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a good story, the pull between evil and good, abd a story that keeps you wondering what in heavens will happen next!!!"

Amazon US customer

"A great conclusion to a wonderful series with all the right ingredients of a fabulous tale. Done with skill and thoughtfulness."

Barnes & Noble customer

"I love this series, from the first book through the 6th and final book!! Cohesive and compelling storyline and characters. If you like fantasy and adventure don't miss these fabulous books. You'll love them as much as I did as they make you laugh, cry, fume in anger, and sigh sometimes in frustration. Well done!!!!!"

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