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She never planned to change the world. Now she has a chance to save it.

Jora Lanseri always planned on fulfilling her duty. She was to be a wife and mother, nothing more. But when others discover she has the uncommon ability to enter the Mindstream, allowing her to witness any event in the past or present, her fate changes for good.

Whisked away to a new life in the capital, Jora begins her training as a Truth Sayer. Her brand new world turns terrifying when she witnesses a shocking crime with world-shattering implications.

Faced with losing her family, Jora must solve the crime and unlock an ancient mystery from the depths of the sea. As an unlikely ally supplies her with answers, Jora must summon every ounce of her strength and courage to save everyone she loves.

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If you like unique magic systems, engaging characters, and fiery battle scenes, then you'll love Song of the Sea Spirit.

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Here's what people are saying about Song of the Sea Spirit.

Stella, Amazon US Reader

"Well written, steadily paced, the story telling is superb. The main character is strong and determined. The reader sees her grow and develop her magical skills as the story unfolds. Captivating, imaginative with good support from the vivid and colourful secondary characters, it is quite unlike anything else around."

Lori, Amazon US Reader

"OM Freakin GEEEEE! So glad I picked this one up! Utterly amazing and I will be picking up the rest. Literally blew me out of the water! Amazing concept, excellently plotted book, diverse and complex characters! What more could a sci fi/fantasy geek like me ask for?"

Brent, Amazon US Reader

"If you are looking for a book that will light the fires of your imagination, I don't think you need to look any further. This book has heroes, heroines, gods, and villains. It is an ambitious undertaking, but I think the author handles it well, and I have faith that they will handle the next books to come with equal skill."

Triumph, Amazon UK Reader

"The idea of being able to 'float' along a stream of consciousness and connect with not only other people, but the dead, is really unusual. Especially as the dead take unusual forms, to put it mildly. I found this book so intriguing, it was difficult to put down. Following the story of Jora, a leather-worker in a small village, hoping to marry the man of her dreams, to abruptly being taken to the Ministry of Truth, was fascinating! So much so, that as soon as I had finished this book (late at night!), I immediately ordered the others. Excellent read"

Amazon UK Reader

"Excellent book I could not put it down! Great Characterisation and a flowing storyline that draws you in page by page. The main character, Jora, is a young girl that starts off very unassuming but is pulled in by events beyond her control into becoming the heroin of the story.With her 'talent' to 'Mindstream' and see from a distance what is happening to her friends and family to conversing with Dolphins K.C.May has created a fantastic world"

RWheeler, Amazon UK Reader

"Brilliant story with a great plot line and such rounded out characters. I love the monsters in it..amazingly well thought out! Such lovely characters...byt I was sad to read of the whole village dying and was sooo hoping that some escaped...seems no one did 😣 The whole time reading this, I just could not put it down. First rate story...I am a total KC May fan now"

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