KC May

author of fantasy & science fiction

Sole Sacrifice

Sole Sacrifice book cover

What would you do to save your child?

Sithral Tyr watched helplessly while three of his children died of a strange illness. When his last remaining son falls ill, he gives up on his clan's shaman and, amid protests from the clan chief and his neighbors, Tyr sets out to find a cure for his son. His journey takes him to a land of danger and debauchery where he's forced to make the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of saving not just his son but his entire clan.

If you liked The Kinshield Legacy, you'll love this prequel tale in the same world.

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Here's what people are saying about Sole Sacrifice.

R. Nicholson, Amazon top 1000 reviewer

"A well written and intriguing story."

Willfulone, Amazon US Reader

"This is a well edited, fast paced tale that explores the human condition when faced with life or death choices related to loved ones and ones we bring into this world and vow to protect at any cost - even cost of self in process. This is a good advert for author ability, unique creativity with a common premise (self sacrifice) and world building that even peeked through in such short work."

Manie, Amazon US Reader

"A powerful story of what a father is willing to do to save his son. In ways a dark fantasy adventure with the misuse magic clearly partly to blame for what befell him and his family."

Nick, Amazon US Reader

"This is a wonderful short story about a significant character in The Kinshield Legacy. Dark, foreboding, heartbreaking and a great glimpse into a different aspect of world of The Kinshield Legacy. Now we know why Tyr became the empty, aloof villain of the parent story. KC May continues to impress with her clarity and skill as a story teller."

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