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A mysterious stone tablet, five magical gems, and an ancient letter haunt Gavin Kinshield, a warrant knight destined to become king...
or is he?

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The Kinshield Saga consists of four novels that tell the story of Gavin Kinshield, a battered swordsman with a dark past, who must solve the mysteries of erstwhile kings to restore order to the world.

The Mindstream Chronicles is my second epic fantasy series. It's about Jora Lanseri, a humble Truth Sayer from a small, coastal town who must face the vilest of humans to protect the truth.

The Dragons of Kudare is an epic fantasy series I'm coauthoring with the immensely talented India Drummond. This series tells the story of the Quelstow family whose youngest member succumbs to a mysterious illness and the outrageous lengths to which her brothers go to save her.

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Science Fiction

Inhuman Salvation (originally titled The Venom of Vipers and formerly titled Blood Pact in some retail stores) tells the story of long-time friends, human scientist Katie Marsh and human/reptilian hybrid Ryder Stone, as they struggle to ensure the continuation of their own species at the risk of eliminating the other's.

See the complete list of books by K.C. May.

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