K.C. May - Fantasy & Science Fiction Author


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Praise for The Kinshield Legacy

"The Kinshield Legacy is a rousing good fantasy tale, with nice characterization and some ferocious action. These days I read primarily for business rather than pleasure, but I found myself eager to return to this novel."
~ Piers Anthony, best-selling author of the Xanth novels

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Praise for Well of the Damned

"This book continues the story as well as the quality of writing that I have come to expect from K.C. May. Gavin is still a great guy and I'm always rooting for him. It's amusing to me to see how he has difficulty dealing with the behavioral expectations for a ruler with his much rougher background."
~ Scott @ Indie Book Blog

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Praise for Inhuman Salvation

"This is a fast paced read with an interesting kick, the characters are exciting and the story unique. I really enjoyed the pace and the believability of a future time and place in our possible history. This is a great read, keeping you turning the pages, and following the characters. It is a interesting and bizarre twist in a futuristic thriller."
~ TicToc, Amazon reviewer

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The Kinshield Saga consists of four novels that tell the story of Gavin Kinshield, a battered swordsman with a dark past, who must solve the mysteries of erstwhile kings to restore order to the world.

The Mindstream Chronicles is my second epic fantasy series. It's about Jora Lanseri, a humble Truth Sayer from a small, coastal town who must face the vilest of humans to protect the truth.

Science Fiction

Inhuman Salvation (originally titled The Venom of Vipers and formerly titled Blood Pact in some retail stores) tells the story of long-time friends, human scientist Katie Marsh and human/reptilian hybrid Ryder Stone, as they struggle to ensure the continuation of their own species at the risk of eliminating the other's.